How to Clean Your Gas Cooktop with Just A Few Tips

How to Clean Your Gas Cooktop with Just A Few Tips

Regular cooking sessions can leave your gas cooktop pretty messy and dirty. A build-up of grease and filth can spread bacteria or can clog the holes in the burner, resulting in a weak flame or, in the worst case scenario, no flame at all. And the longer you put off cleaning it, the more grime builds up. So take your gas cooktop from greasy to gleaming clean today to ensure you have a healthier kitchen.

How to Clean Your Gas Cooktop

1. Get Your Sponge Ready

Spray few drops of dishwashing liquid onto a sponge. Wet it in water and then squeeze out the extra. Keep some extra dishwashing liquid beside for further use.

2. Wipe and Repeat

With the wet sponge, wipe and scrub away the grease splatters and spilled sauces that are all over the gas cooktop. You can re-wet and re-soap your sponge if necessary. Repeat this action to ensure you have a clean gas cooktop look.

3. Clean Off

With long strokes, wipe away the soap with a dry clean cloth or a kitchen towel. Rub off the shiny surfaces until you get all the soap and water out of the corners.

4. Get it Serviced Periodically

High-end kitchen appliances are considered a huge investment. For this reason, you must set up a maintenance schedule with the service technician to ensure the equipment operates efficiently. You may set the schedule every two weeks or monthly – depending on your daily operation.

Quick Tips to Note before You Start Cleaning:

Safety first: Make sure the gas cooktop burners are switched off before you begin to clean them to avoid accidental injury or damage.

Take it Apart: Once the surrounding areas are completely cool, take off the burners, grates, griddles, and any other parts that are removable, to thoroughly clean your gas cooktop.

Clean As You Use: To prevent your gas cooktop from becoming caked in grease and other food particles, it’s necessary to clean up spills immediately after you’ve finished cooking. This will prevent grease build-up that will be difficult to clean later.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions:

Before you actually start your cleaning process read the manufacturer’s instructions. Understanding what kind of care is best for your appliance will help you protect your investment for a longer duration. A proper manual from the manufacturer will help you know which areas are safe to remove for cleaning and what kind of method can be used for maintenance. This makes your job easy and safe.

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June 19, 2018 Kitchen Design


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