Different Types of Cook Tops for Your Kitchen

Different Types of Cook Tops for Your Kitchen

A cooktop is an essential component of any kitchen. It not only provides a better culinary experience but also boosts your confidence in the kitchen.

There are three main types of cook tops:

Gas Cook Tops

Gas cooktops are a good option for cooking enthusiasts. They operate on natural gas or propane and allow you to control the heat output more precisely. The knobs function smoothly and are designed skilfully for easy operation. Cost effective and long-lasting in performance – gas cooktops make a useful addition to your kitchen space.

Electric Cook Tops

Electric cooktops function on electricity and are more environmentally friendly when compared to a gas cooktop. They have a nice, sleek, sophisticated look that fits in with many types of kitchen designs.  Efficient and simple to use – electric cooktops are perfect for people who like a quick and easy cleanup after cooking.

Induction Cook Tops

Induction cooktops are considered to be the safest cooktop since they use electromagnetism to cook your food directly.

They don’t require any time to heat up and are considered to be the most energy-efficient of all your cooktop options. Easy-to-clean, environment-friendly and stylish in appearance – induction cooktops is generally one of the most expensive options you can come across.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or planning to replace an old cooking appliance, keeping the above factors in mind will help you choose the kind of cooktop that would suit your kitchen needs best.

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March 14, 2018 Blog


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