Kitchen Appliance Care in Monsoon Season

Kitchen Appliance Care in Monsoon Season

As soon as monsoons come in, we release that our kitchen appliances – just start behaving weirdly. This is basically because the appliances absorb the moisture in the air.

Follow the few tips given below for kitchen appliance care in monsoon season:

Unplug Electronic Kitchen Appliances During Heavy Rainfall

Unexpected power cuts and fluctuations are quite common in a country like India – this can cause huge damage to your appliances. Therefore it is always recommended that you unplug the appliances during heavy rainfall, to be on a safer side.

Ensure Proper Grounding for Appliances

To prevent damage by the high power static currents arising out of lightning, ensure all electronic kitchen appliances in the house are properly grounded. Also, make sure you do not use any of the electronic appliances barefoot – to avoid getting unexpected electrical shocks.

Avoid Growth of Fungus

Moisture in the air provides the best breeding ground for any fungus to grow in your appliances. To avoid fungal growth ensure you clean your devices like steam oven, microwave oven etc, regularly with a dry cloth and allow them to dry under the fan. Other compact appliances like cooktops and range tops should also be neatly cleaned with a cloth regularly since they tend to capture moisture during the monsoons.

Choose the Right Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations harm household electrical appliances and may even cause permanent damage. Choosing the right stabilizer solves this problem. A stabilizer is safe equipment between your appliance and power supply. It ensures trouble free operations and optimizes the operating life of your appliance.


Water is one of the biggest enemies of electronic devices. And the kitchen appliances like steam oven, microwave oven, under counter refrigerators etc; stand the highest risk of getting damaged in vulnerable conditions. So even if you are taking enough precaution to protect your appliances from the rain, its best to stay on top of the game with an insurance/warranty.

The idea of insurance/warranty is that it can give you peaceful sleep at night. You don’t have to worry – as to what will happen if your new appliance gets wet in the rain or breaks down due to some accident. If you do, the insurance/warranty is there to sort it out.

Sub-Zero and Wolf is one such high-end kitchen appliance brand that takes pride in providing the best warranty coverage on its products. With meticulous engineering and service, Sub-Zero Wolf ensures that your products last not just for years but for decades.

To make sure that our appliances function efficiently even in monsoons, follow the tips mentioned above. To browse a wide range of kitchen appliance at SubZero Wolf visit:

May 19, 2018 Kitchen Design


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