762mm Integrated Wine Storage

01 Overview


Raise your glass to better wine preservation. Sub-Zero wine storage is far more than just a wine chiller, employing a suite of technologies to protect wine from its four enemies: light, heat, humidity and vibration. Like wine with a fine meal, Sub-Zero wine storage complements your decor; thoughtful design makes these products a pleasure to own.

Two independant wine storage and temperature zones, each sealed and digitally controlled, allow you to simultaneously maintain pefect cellar and serving conditions in the same unit. Microprocessor control maintains even temperatures to within one degree of your presets. The ultra-violet glass panel filters out the harmful rays that can cause premature aging. The quiet compressor lets wines rest undisturbed, without the vibration that can harm delicate wines. Shelves glide out smoothly, providing access without agitation. The result? Perfect condtions and perfect wine.

Our 762mm wide integrated wine storage unit with refrigerated drawers ICBIW-30R, offers three independant temperature zones, has no visible hinges or grilles and is designed to sit flush with adjacent cabinetry. You choose from classic stainless steel panels with either tubular or pro handles or opt for custom cabinetry to blend seamlessly with your choice of furniture. Stores up to 86 bottles.


  • Height 2134 (mm)
  • Energy Class A
  • Temperature Fridge 1-7 (˚C)
  • Electrical Connection 13 (Amp)
  • Temperatures Wine 5-18 (˚C)
  • Width 762 (mm)
  • Energy Use 452 (kWh/yr)
  • Transport Weight 182 (kg)
  • Bottle Storage 86 (0.75L)
  • Depth 610 (mm)
  • Decibel Rating 42
  • Voltage 220-240 (V)
  • Temperature Zones 3

03 Features


No one likes premature aging. But that is what excessive heat and unstable temperatures cause in wine. Sub-Zero maintains wine’s preferred habitat – cool and steady – in two independent storage zones. Each can be set in a range of 5C to 18C. Digital controls hold the temperature within one degree of the set point.


Light affects ageing and has been implicated in causing unpleasant aromas. That is why many winemakers use dark bottles. But invisible ultraviolet light penetrates even dark glass, not to mention the glass doors of many wine cooling units. Sub-Zero’s UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass shields wine from harmful rays.


When it comes to humidity, wine appreciates moderation. Too little moisture in the air makes corks dry out and shrink, letting the wine oxidize. Too much, makes labels peel and rot. Sub-Zero’s dual evaporators, one for each storage zone, maintain steady, moderate humidity.


A rough, noisy compressor would disturb more than the peace of your household. Mechanical vibration can damage delicate wines, such as a Pinot Grigio. Sub-Zero’s quiet compressor lets wines rest undisturbed. Shelves glide in and out smoothly, providing access without agitating the wine.


Hand-made in the USA, Sub-Zero outperforms and outlasts. Built to last 20+ years, we use only superior grade components. Every single unit is rigorously tested before it’s released from our factory. Our engineers perform intense reliability testing to indentify. potential problem areas, before they show up in your home, all with the goal of making every Sub-Zero last not just for years but for decades.


At Sub-Zero and Wolf, we’re committed to providing the best warranty coverage and owner service in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact our customer care team on 022-61311411


  • Redesigned digital touch control panel allows temperature settings to one degree of set point
  • 2 refrigerated drawers with temperatures from 1-5 degrees celcius, 138L capcity
  • New inventory system allows you to label wine racks for better organisation
  • 2 wine temperature zones from 5-18 degrees celcius
  • 5 upper and 9 lower compartment shelves
  • Full-view, UV-resistant glass door
  • 86 bottle capacity (75cl)
  • Angled display shelf


  • Optional self regulating humidor with two-way humidity control
  • Rust-proof, roller-glide shelving with cherry wood facings
  • Optional dessert wine rack holds small bottles securely
  • Insulated, low vibration compressor
  • 90 degree door stop setting
  • Discreet display lighting
  • Optional lock


Humidor Kit

Compatible with new ICBIW-30 and ICBIW-30R models only.

Bulk Storage Drawer

For ICBIW-18 Wine Storage

Dessert Wine Rack

Ideal storage for smaller dessert wine bottles. ICBIW-18, ICBIW-24 & ICBIW-30R.

IW Wine Storage Inventory Tiles

Compatible with ICBIW, ICBBW and ICBUW models.

IW Wine Storage Writable Inventory Tiles

Compatible with ICBIW, ICBBW and ICBUW models.


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