Steam Oven Maintenance Tips!

Steam Oven Maintenance Tips!

Steam ovens are a big saviour – be it any day, any season; this amazing best kitchen appliance helps you create healthy dishes with ease.

It is normal for families to have increased cooking load daily, because of the kind of lifestyle we all live. However, it is important to understand that for good efficiency and longevity of the steam oven, regular care and maintenance is very crucial.

Steam Oven Maintenance Tips!

  1. Allow Ventilation

Once you have finished cooking your food, make sure you keep the door of the oven open to cool it down out. Moreover, it will also whisk away odours and avoid any kind of dampness.

  1. Prevent Door Damage

Doors are among the most widely abused parts of a steam oven. Hence ensure you handle it with care. Avoid pushing the door with your elbow or pulling the door open without first turning off the steam oven.  Closing or shutting the door carelessly may cause gradual damage to your unit

  1. Avoid Running on Empty

Running a steam oven without anything inside it can cause serious damage. When the oven is run empty – almost none of the steam wave is absorbed. Instead, a large amount of energy gets reflected around the oven chamber. This can easily damage the unit.

  1. Plug The Steam Oven To A Socket With Adequate Power Supply

If you are residing in a location where there are frequent power failures and a lot of power fluctuations, ensure you connect your steam oven to a stabilizer so that it won’t be harmed by power supply factors.

  1. Clean The Steam Oven Regularly

You don’t need expensive cleaning and care products for cleaning steam oven. Just gently wipe your steam oven with a cotton cloth and soapy water. However, avoid using any abrasive cleaning equipment to clean your oven because this will damage your equipment. Specifically avoid any steel wool, scourers, wire brushes or any type of metal scrapers.

  1. Look for Insurance/Warranty

A steam oven is not that kind of buy which you make very often. It is an expensive investment and any kind of damage or breaks down can lead you a pricey repair bill in future.

Electronic kitchen appliances insurance/warranty is, therefore, a great way to cover breakdown, accidental damage, parts, labor, call out fees, and the cost to replace the appliance.  So even if your steam oven starts showing signs of damage after few years, you can get it repaired immediately with the help of an insurance/warranty – without any extra cost for services.

April 17, 2018 Blog


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