The Contemporary Art of Wine Storage

The Contemporary Art of Wine Storage

For ages sommeliers have put in their blood and sweat into perfecting the art of wine making.And after all their hard work, today’s wine represents the insignia of perfection. Ironically thisperfectly bottled wine doesn’t guarantee the taste and aroma it is supposed to exhibit as for a wine to have that ideal taste it needs much more than just that perfect preparation. Undeniably the taste of wine depends on its storage condition, with temperature playing an important role.

Primarily wine can be segregated into: Red Wine, White Wine and Sparkling Wine. While it’s best to store red wine in the temperature range of 12-19˚C, White Wine should be stored in the temperature range of 8-12˚C and Sparkling Wine between 5-8˚C. An average temperature of 10-15˚C is apt for long-term storage. Wine kept in places that transition from cool to warm temperatures and vice versa are under extreme risk of getting spoilt. This is rather an outer layer to the depth that is involved in serving the perfect Wine. If the wine is frozen, the aging process slows down, changing its aroma and flavour as the temperature fluctuations alter its structure and character. Hence, when serving wine, one should always allow it to breathe, bring it up to its ambient temperature releasing its full range of aroma and taste. Further, the type of wine dictates its pouring method, a still wine like red wine is poured towards the center of the glass, while a sparkling wine is poured against the side of the glass to preserve its bubbles.Now coming to the Wine Storage & Preservation, storing an unfinished wine with a bottle stopper is a good method though it may not be enough, as there are factors like heat, light,humidity and vibration that can spoil the taste of your favourite vintages.

Traditionally a cool cellar or a lightly air-conditioned room was used as they ensure a consistent temperature, something that is perfect for the red wine. Similar conditions are not enough to store the white or sparkling wine.
The appropriate way to store wine is by using a dedicated wine storage or a wine preservation system. A good wine storage unit has different zones based on temperature for red, white and sparkling wine. Sub-Zero being the best refrigerator brand in India offers a range of wine storage options with multiple size options. Sub-Zero Wine preservation systems are equipped with a suite of technologies to protect the wine from premature aging, direct sunlight and irregular vibrations. At last, it is also important to note that Wine bottles are stored horizontally,
this prevents the cork from drying out and stops air from getting into the bottle and one can have the perfect taste that was promised.

Sub-Zero Wolf’s wine storage units feature three independent storage zones that are sealed and digitally controlled. They maintain the temperature, enable UV protection, regulate the humidity and give wine that undisturbed rest it needs. Being celebrated as the best luxury refrigerator brand in the world, Sub-Zero has got the best built-in wine storages, standalone units and wine cabinets to India.

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