Warming Drawer – A Drawer for All Occasions

Warming Drawer – A Drawer for All Occasions

The warming drawer is one of the latest trends in the luxury kitchen appliances. Sleek and elegantly designed they are a great addition to a busy lifestyle.

This blog describes the uses and common features of the warming drawer. It can help you make a decision if it can be a good investment for your kitchen.

Keeps Food Warm For Hours

Warming drawers keep food warm for hours – be it any season. Need to stay back in the office till late evening? No worries! Keep the food in the warming drawer so that you can enjoy the meal later. Or are you prepping for a house party?……. Use the warming drawer to keep the food hot till it’s ready to be eaten.

Heats Up Multiple Dishes

There’s nothing worse than preparing several dishes at once only to have some things burn, or have some become cold. The warming drawer can make this task a little easy for you.

The warming drawer can warm multiple dishes at a time. The bigger the warming drawer, the more food it can accommodate. Whether you wish to heat your fish and chicken or attempt to keep your paneer rolls hot throughout the day – this luxury kitchen appliance can do it all at different temperatures.

Maintains Flavour and Quality of the Food

When it comes to enjoying a meal hours after it was prepared – warming drawers prove their usefulness especially on festive occasions and celebrations. They maintain the flavor and quality of the food – making the task of preserving nearly any meal a little less daunting!

Can Fit Into Any Kitchen Design

Since warming drawers are considerably smaller than most appliances, they can be fit into any kitchen with ease. Moreover, you can get it customized from the dealer – in order to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen.

Controls Temperature and Time

Warming drawers give the user complete control over temperature and time. You can keep it as high as 230°F to ensure soups and sauces stay hot or as low as 75°F to proof the bread.
In addition, with the pre-set automatic shut-off feature – you can relax and enjoy your meal, without having to remember to switch off the warming drawer.

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May 19, 2018 Kitchen Design


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