International Designs Customized for Indian Homes

Sub-Zero Wolf is a global industry leader in premium refrigeration systems and cooking facilities. With a non-compromising focus on quality, Sub-Zero Wolf appliances are renowned globally for their fine aesthetics and robust functionality. The brand understands the uniqueness of the Indian market, and has created some paramount differences in its offerings for the Indian household.

Compliance with Indian Electrical Requirements

Standard Sub-Zero Wolf appliances, made for the North American market, are 110 V/60 Z, which don’t work in India. Consequently, we have created a separate manufacturing setup for India to comply with the electrical requirement of 220 V and 50 Hz. That’s because even though a step down transformer can be used for switching on the appliances, the Hertz can never be changed. The mismatch of 50 Hz and 60 Hz slows downs the performance of the appliance by at least 20%, while also increasing energy consumption, reducing product life and causing recurring service issues. Sub-Zero Wolf has entirely eliminated these shortcomings by creating appliances that meet the electrical requirements of Indian homes.

Uninterrupted Performance Even in Harsh Weather Conditions

Every Sub-Zero International Certified Product is tropicalized as per the highest level (T Class) and tested to perform at temperatures up to 48 degree Celsius. The process ensures the refrigerators consume less electricity and experience less “sweating” in high temperatures. Additionally, tropicalization equips refrigerators to adapt to the surrounding air and adjust their functionalities accordingly.

Reduced Power Consumption

In compliance with the strictest European regulations, all international Sub-Zero appliances have a Variable Speed Regulator (Inverter) installed on the compressor. This inverter optimizes electrical efficiency and reduces consumption to the equivalent of a 60-watt bulb. All this means significant savings in electricity expenses.

Sub-Zero Wolf Warranty

Sub-Zero Wolf appliances, bought anywhere, do not carry an international warranty other than in the territory of installation. To enjoy Sub-Zero-Wolf’s warranty of 2 years for the product and 5 years for the sealed systems, all Sub-Zero-Wolf appliances have to be purchased from the local distributor and installed within the territory of that region. Sub-Zero Wolf products are available in multiple locations across India. Click here to find out your nearest distributor.


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