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    Sub Zero Wolf – High End Luxury Kitchen Appliances & Equipments in India

    If you build a quality product, you will always have customers” – Westye F. Bakke

    Since 1945, Sub-Zero has been a pioneer in the science of home refrigeration, transforming kitchen design with both built-in and integrated appliances. Wolf has had an even longer heritage of innovation, engineered with over 80 years of commercial cooking expertise.

    Our popular products


    We provide free consultation to help you pick the most appropriate appliances for your dream kitchen.

    Professional Team

    Whether you’re shopping for new appliances or have questions on the ones you own, our expert team which is trained in USA will respond to all your queries within 24 hours.

    The Indian Experience

    In the past 10 years, Sub Zero and Wolf appliances have been installed in more than 1,000 homes across India.

    Luxury Kitchen Appliances


    A manufacturer specializing in the production of microwaves, stoves and ovens. The products provided by the company are among the most advanced in the world and present innovative solutions in the field of cooking. WOLF ovens are extremely precise and allow cooking under optimal conditions.


    A leading company in the field of refrigerators and wine refrigerators. The company produces advanced and elegant refrigerators with aesthetic lines that are specially adapted to the kitchen and the depth of the cabinets, thus creating a uniform look in luxury home kitchens.

    SUB ZERO luxury refrigerators

    Prestigious refrigerators for home use in maintaining clean aesthetic lines, quality and design at the highest level – the products are manufactured and adapted specifically for the Indian climate. The winning aesthetic is created thanks to the design of refrigerators that are identical in depth to the depth of the kitchen cabinets and thus become an integral part of the overall kitchen design. The high quality is maintained thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies in the field. Some of our luxury refrigerators can be clad and create a uniform and hidden look for innovative kitchens on one level.

    Luxury ovens for the kitchen

    Prestigious and high-quality kitchen solutions for a variety of types of ovens: built-in ovens, steam ovens, combined ovens and baking ovens from the leading companies and brands. The different sizes meet the needs of the most active kitchens and combine different options for multiple operations in the kitchen and significant time savings. All luxury ovens contain advanced systems and a selection of cooking options. The clean designs in delicate lines are suitable for modern kitchens and provide a luxurious and innovative look. All products are manufactured and adapted specifically for Indian climate.

    Luxury ovens for the kitchen

    A selection of stoves made of materials of the highest standard and allowing for easy durability, maintenance and cleaning and specially adapted to the Indian weather. The luxury stoves come in a luxurious design and impressive capabilities. The temperature control is particularly precise and presents complex cooking options that are not possible with other stoves. Among the different types you can find: electric stoves, gas stoves, induction and Range top stoves for quality grills. All stoves meet strict standards and can be adapted to the kitchen, for example: for built-in marble installation.


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