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As long as there is Sub-Zero, food’s goodness will stand the test of time, as will the beauty and performance of your kitchen. Built and tested to the highest standards, Sub-Zero is more than just refrigeration. It is a food preservation system, with over 75 years of innovative thinking behind it.

Faces of Subzero

Our commitment to beautiful design is just as strong, consistently leading the industry in built-in refrigeration solutions for every style home be it the – CLASSIC SERIES – The magnum opus of Sub-Zero design. with iconic stainless steel Sub-Zero look or finished in custom panels. DESIGNER SERIES “Anywhere refrigeration.” The epitome of customization, PRO SERIES –The Bold, mighty, stainless steel in and out -an imposing centerpiece for any kitchen. With any style, you’ll enjoy the delicious benefits of the finest food preservation system.

Classic Series Refrigeration

Meet the Sub-Zero tradition: iconic design coupled with more than seven decades of food preservation advancements. The newest generation reaches new heights of refinement, inside and out.

Designer Series Refrigeration

Seamless and Subtle – Think of refrigeration in entirely new ways and places. Master suite or study, home gym or theater room, kitchen island or pantry.

PRO Series Refrigeration

A harmonious duet of form and function. This is a fresher take on our boldest design. The only thing more impressive than the stunning exterior is the groundbreaking technology found inside.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Designer Series Drawers -Fresh produce in the kitchen island. Frozen foods in the pantry. Yoghurt and juice in the breakfast room. Chilled beverages in the home theater, exercise room, or master suite.

Wine Storage

The enemies of wine – meet their match. Features that guard against the harmful effects of heat, humidity, light, & vibration.

Reimagined and full of fresh ideas!

To preserve flavor, fresh foods need chilly, humid air and frozen foods require frigid, dry air. Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration creates separate, sealed systems for the refrigerator and freezer to ensure the optimal humidity for both.

Sub-Zero’s microprocessor controls the interior temperature to within one degree of its set point. An advanced air seal around all four sides of the door prevents leaks while conserving energy.

Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas, a naturally occurring compound that hastens food ripening and spoilage. Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes.

Split Climate™ Technology

The Split Climate™ intelligent cooling system keeps food fresher longer thanks to a variable-speed compressor and two fans that optimize the refrigerator temperature.

Clear Sight

Find your food more easily. ClearSight™ LED lighting fully illuminates the interior, reducing shadows and adding light where it’s needed most—overhead, under each shelf, and in each crisper drawer.

Flexible Storage

Smooth-glide drawers, adjustable door storage, and spill-proof shelves create more usable interior space.

Night Mode

By detecting lower levels of ambient light, Night Mode reduces interior brightness by 90% in dim environments.

Stainless Accents

Sleek stainless accents trim the interior, matching the sophistication of the exterior.

Intuitive Touch Control

Easily customize settings—from lighting to humidity—with the tap of a finger via the conveniently accessible touch control panel.

Nano Coated Glass

Nano coating lines the perimeter of each glass shelf to create a hydrophobic barrier that helps contain spills.

Magnetic Gasket

Doors seal tightly, preventing air leaks and reducing energy consumption.

Advanced Water Filteration

By reducing particles and pollutants, water and ice always taste fresh.

Max Ice Mode

Planning a party? Max Ice Mode increases ice production by up to 30% for a 24-hour period.

The Dispenser that Defends your Design

In the 1950’s, Sub-Zero pioneered built-in refrigeration. And in the 1990’s, we took that concept a step further with integrated refrigeration – appliances that virtually disappear in your cabinetry, with neither a hinge nor a grille visible.
Big concepts. But we think of the little things too. Like offering several of our designer models with a discreet internal water dispenser, which doesn’t interfere with the seamless look of your cabinetry.
Of course, it’s about more than aesthetics: our internal dispenser also provides fresh, filtered water free of suspended particles, contaminants and chlorine taste and odors.Fresh ideas. It’s what we’re all about.

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