Speed Oven - SPO

A Technological Duet - Engineered To Provide An Adaptable Suite Of Cooking Methods.

The Best Of Two Ovens

The performance you expect from Wolf— now in a faster, more compact package. Combining the power of convection, grill, and microwave, the Convection Speed Oven offers all-in-one oven versatility so you can prepare a wider variety of delicious foods in reduced time. Its cooking versatility is matched only by its design flexibility, stylishly freeing up counter space and seamlessly coordinating with other Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances.

Superior Performance

As a stand-alone cooking instrument or a companion to your conventional oven, the speed oven is your foray into practically limitless edible expression.

Spacious Capacity

Fits large or small items, even a 9-by-13 pan, in the roomy stainless-steel cavity. With such a large interior, it can act as your primary or second oven.

Cooking Modes - Sophisticated, Precise Methods


With the press of a button—and without fear of burnt kernels—you can savor this timeless snack in a matter of minutes.


From decadent hot cocoa to water for coffee or tea, curl up with a cozy sipper heated to your liking.


No more grimacing at leftovers. This mode automatically adjusts the cook time and power level based on the food’s moisture level, bringing it back to flavorful life.


Dish into the speed oven, select the cooking agenda from the intuitive menu, and the oven does the rest.


Hot, moving air envelopes your food for evenly baked and fast results. Forgo preheating your full-sized oven for a single batch of cookies, or you can use it as a second oven to prepare a host of side dishes.


A high-powered broil element adds the sizzling heat needed to add the finishing touch. Creates a crusty sear for hamburgers and steaks, or caramelizes for the crusty top of crème brûlée.


From freezer to table in moments. Slashes meal prep time with smart defrosting technology.


Quickly readies butter, chocolate, cream cheese— anything that needs a quick warm-up before beginning a culinary endeavor.


A savior for mistimed meals and latecomers alike. Ensures everything is served hot, holding food at its ready-to-serve temperature for up to ninety minutes.


Convection heat paired with a low percentage of microwave power expedites the cooking process, preparing your favorite recipes in a snap.


Like Micro Bake, this mode uses microwave power to speed up results. Convection heat with microwave power provides the optimal ratio of speed and heat for roasting chicken or vegetables.


Often the unsung hero of the kitchen, it gets a lot done in less time. Use this mode as you would in a standard microwave oven.

60 cm


60 cm E Series Transitional Speed Oven

76 cm


76 cm E Series Transitional Speed Oven

76 cm


76 cm M Series Transitional Speed Oven

76 cm


76 cm M Series Contemporary Speed Oven, Black Glass

76 cm


76 cm E Series Professional Speed Oven

76 cm


76 cm M Series Professional Speed Oven

With thousands of design possibilities, experience quality without compromise.

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