E Series Built-in Ovens

Styles and configurations for every kitchen and cook.

E Series Built-In Ovens feature enhanced cooking performance inside, and cleaner, design-friendly aesthetics outside. Their advanced dual convection system and chef-tested modes, including effortless Gourmet Mode, ensure consistently delicious results. Two distinct designs integrate seamlessly in kitchens of many styles.

Stunning In Performance And Style - Reliably Even Heat

We believe that 190° should be 190° everywhere. Most ovens can’t deliver; they have hot and cool spots that can make cooking or baking a hit-or-miss proposition. Wolf E Series Ovens are dramatically different, with their advanced dual convection system. Two fans and multiple heating elements control heat and airflow more precisely than less sophisticated single-convection systems. More uniform heat throughout the oven and across all racks, and the efficiency of circulating air around the food, produce faster, more consistent, more predictably delicious results for your baking, roasting, and grilling.

Standard Features That Aren't So Standard

The features standard on every Wolf E series built-in oven (but not necessarily standard on ovens in general) help make delicious results exceptionally easy to achieve.

  • Delayed start and timed cook settings; prep ahead, serve at the perfect time
  • Temperature probe signals when your dish is done precisely as you like
  • Make the ideal arrangement with three adjustable racks
  • One full-extension, easy-glide rack supports hefty roasts for basting
  • Big windows and dual interior halogen lights give you a true picture
  • Drips happen; the bake element is hidden for easier cleanup.

Made For Each Other

To create a beautifully coordinated suite of Wolf appliances, the built-in ovens are designed to be installed in a “tower” configuration with other Wolf cooking products, including the convection steam oven, drop down door microwave, and warming drawer.

Sleek And Space Saving

 Wolf convection ovens control heat and airflow to help ensure more consistent, more delicious results. The Wolf 60 cm Single Wall Oven offers high-performance cooking with a smaller footprint to fit compact spaces.

60 cm


60 cm E Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven

76 cm


76 cm E Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven

76 cm


76 cm E Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven

With thousands of design possibilities, experience quality without compromise.

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