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“If you build a quality product, you will always have customers"

- Westye F. Bakke

Fresher Thinking for over 75 years

Since 1945, Sub-Zero has pioneered the science of home refrigeration, developing products that keep food fresher longer. Along the way, we’ve helped revolutionize kitchen design too, with built-in and integrated refrigeration that opens up almost infinite layout and decor options. Our kitchen companion Wolf has an even longer heritage, with over 80 years of expertise originally acquired in commercial kitchens. Together, we are dedicated to helping you create the beautiful, high-performance kitchen
of your dreams.

Think of the kitchen you had when you were growing up. It was on the smaller side, with a refrigerator, a cooking range and maybe even a dishwasher. It worked just fine for your family but got crowded on special occasions.

Today, we use the kitchen as a gathering space, the soul of the home, where the cook exercises full creativity on responsive appliances, and guests savor the finer tastes of life. It has become the showpiece of the home too, with a multitude of exquisite design materials replacing the homespun cupboards and bright linoleum you remember

What caused this transformation?

Changing lifestyles. Greater disposable income. And Obviously. 75 years of innovation from Sub-Zero.

The Beginnings

In 1926, Westye F. Bakke packed up his family
and their belongings, and moved from Northern Wisconsin to Madison in search of
new opportunities.

A self-taught engineer, Westye built his first freestanding freezer in the basement of his home.

Armed with a strategy to build the best, highest quality refrigeration, Westye founded Sub-Zero Freezer Company.

No more fishy ice cubes. Sub-Zero pioneers dual refrigeration—separate, sealed systems for refrigerator and freezer. Additionally, Sub-Zero revolutionizes kitchen design with the invention of built-in refrigeration.

The phrase "Sub-Zero kitchen" enters the American real estate lexicon as shorthand for "a home that gets all the high-end details right."

Sub-Zero leads the way in making energy-efficient products. Today, the average Sub-Zero unit consumes less energy than a 75-watt
light bulb.

Our aim is true. While other brands' temperatures fluctuate wildly, Sub-Zero’s award-winning 500 Series nails it within 1° for superior food preservation.

Sub-Zero introduced the disappearing refrigerator design in 1995 and has since expanded it to include columns of a uniform height for design flexibility

Cheers! Sub-Zero uncorks the first wine storage system that cools and protects wine bottles from its enemies: UV light, heat, vibration,
and improper humidity

Sub-Zero acquires the residential side of Wolf, a legend in commercial kitchens. Two specialists, now corporate companions and kitchen
soul mates.

Mouths water as Wolf introduces its first dual fuel range: gas cooking above, dual convection electric ovens below.

Adapting technology used by NASA, Sub-Zero introduces an air purification system that scrubs the air of ethylene gas and odor every
20 minutes.

Steam oven amazes with crusty steam-baked loaves, sous vide capabilities, and leftovers rejuvenated to just-made deliciousness.

Biggest new-product rollout in the company’s history. New technologies. New décor possibilities. New ways to use refrigeration from patio to home gym.

Wolf introduces Wolf Gourmet, a line of countertop appliances, cookware, and cutlery embodying superior workmanship and precision control.

Sub-Zero Group, Inc., celebrates 75 years of industry-leading innovation and design.

We continue our pursuit of bringing best-in-class appliances, beautiful design, and memorable moments to luxury homes around the world.

Quality without Compromise

Sub-Zero Wolf, both united by a single motivation to build kitchen equipment’s that will serve your household beautifully, not just for years but for decades. Since Sub-Zero was founded in 1945, it has always set its sights higher to build best-in-class luxury appliances. Over the years, the legendary reliability of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances has given our customers the confidence to invest not merely in a kitchen that meets their needs but one that fulfills their highest aspirations in both function and design, providing a lifetime of satisfaction.

Rigorous Testing

To ensure reliability, our products undergo extensive lab testing so they can pass the far more rigorous test of your kitchen for years to come. Major components are subjected to thorough tests prior to going into the final design, and every major function is tested before shipping.

Build to last for 20 years or more

Built in our own American facilities, where we can control every step of the manufacturing process. The materials are premium grade, the technologies state of the art, and the craftsmanship of the highest caliber.

Hand-finished craftsmanship

Built from heavy-duty stainless steel, our products are beautifully hand-finished with hemmed edges and welded seams. They are of the caliber one would expect in the world’s finest homes.

Sub-zero, Innovation is freshness

The function came first—a dual refrigeration system for keeping food fresher longer. Then came the form—Sub-Zero’s classic louvered grille. It is a look that has become one of the most imitated in home-product design. Our design approach impressed even legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who commissioned Sub-Zero equipment for his visionary home designs.
During the home automation boom of the 1950s, when kitchen appliances became a symbol of modern living, our designs became icons and have remained so ever since. Through the years, Sub-Zero expanded its design leadership with built-in wine preservation and with integrated refrigeration that merges seamlessly into the décor.

Wolf, kitchen soulmate

Likewise, Wolf, born of professional performance and durability and a legend in commercial kitchens was acquired by Subzero in 2000. Two specialists, now corporate companions and kitchen soul mates have influenced generations of appliance designers. The classic professional look has evolved. New Wolf products include sleek contemporary designs. Yet even these echo the functional imperatives of their forebears: intuitive technology, superb ergonomics, and no unnecessary embellishment—every detail is
Built into every Wolf product is a belief system. The central tenet of our cooking credo: that your ideas and preferences, not the limitations of your equipment, should determine how your meals turn out. Wolf puts precise control in your hands so the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table. Cooking, you see, is all we do; we are specialists in delicious results.

With thousands of design possibilities, experience quality without compromise.

Live Deliciously!

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