Think of the kitchen you had when you were growing up. It was on the smaller side, with a refrigerator, a cooking range and maybe even a dishwasher. It worked just fine for your family, but got crowded on special occasions.

Today, we use the kitchen as a gathering space, the soul of the home, where the cook exercises full creativity on responsive appliances, and guests savor the finer tastes of life. It has become the showpiece of the home too, with a multitude of exquisite design materials replacing the homespun cupboards and bright linoleum you remember.

What caused this transformation?

Changing lifestyles. Greater disposable income.
And Obviously. 70 years of innovation from Sub-Zero.

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company


Sub-Zero and Wolf started the introduction of its new generation, a series of products featuring more than 70 appliances engineered to excel in both performance and design. This product rollout is the largest in the company’s 70-year history. The new generation of Sub-Zero products includes even more advanced preservation features and sizes in the integrated refrigeration line up. They co-ordinate seamlessly with Wolf’s new products, which feature new exterior styles and refinements in performance.


Top Products India Pvt. Ltd. Launches its second showroom In New Delhi.


Top Products India Pvt. Ltd. Launches Sub-zero Wolf In India at its Mumbai showroom.


An antimicrobial air purification system based on NASA technology was introduced. The technology scrubs the air of ethylene gas as well as mould, viruses, and bacteria.


Sub-Zero unveiled PRO 48 professional- style refrigeration. The PRO 48 has stainless steel inside and out, and consumes less energy than a 100-watt bulb over the course of one year.


Sub-Zero acquired Wolf, a brand synonymous with professional cooking equipment for more than 70 years.


The entirely new concept of integrated refrigeration was unveiled through the 700 Series of modular units. The 700 Series represented “point of use” refrigeration that blended seamlessly into any décor. The series included the new concept of refrigerator and freezer drawer units, transcending the idea that all food must be stored in one place within.


The company developed a built-in refrigerator, a unit that fit within a counter and cabinet space, thus reinventing kitchen design.


Westye launched Sub-Zero Freezer Company, introducing the first refrigerator that preserved food at ultra-low, or literally sub-zero, temperatures.


Westye built his first freestanding freezer in his basement, using scrap metal and bare-handedly bending the coils.


Westye Bakke, our Founder, started experimenting with refrigeration to find an improved way of storing insulin for his son Bud, who was being treated for juvenile diabetes. Existing refrigerators of that time could not be trusted for preserving medicines for long, and Bakke was determined to solve this challenge.


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