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The Wolf Induction Range was completely redesigned from top to bottom to provide a contemporary alternative to the professional-style range. An integrated full-color touchscreen eliminates knobs for a refined, clean profile and improved functionality. Plus, you’ll find all the features.

This sleek range provides ultra-efficient and precise induction zones atop a Dual VertiFlow™ convection electric oven with Gourmet Mode. Available in 76 cm and 91 cm widths.

Product Highlights

Dual Verticross™

Wolf’s Dual VertiCross™ convection system provides reliably even heat, reduces hot and cold spots, and enables consistent multi-rack cooking.

Gourmet Mode

Gourmet Mode features nearly 50 presets that automatically control the oven to ensure predictably delicious results with every dish.

Easy To Clean Surface

Cleaning is simple. The smooth, black ceramic glass surface resists scratching and staining, and wipes clean.

Touch Screen Control

The sleek cooktop features a striking interactive display. The full-color touch screen is intuitive, easy to read, and locks for safety and cleaning.


The range’s stainless-steel construction and clean lines coordinate elegantly with a full suite of transitional style. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

Boost Mode

Boost Mode delivers rapid heat for 40% faster boil times, rivaling the speed of gas and electric.

Bridge Functionality

The Bridge function joins two induction ones into one large area, enabling use of an induction-capable griddle, open roaster, or fish poacher.


Directly heating the pan—
and bypassing the glass top— induction provides consistent, precise temperature control and nearly instantaneous temperature adjustment response.

Ten Cooking Modes

Ten cooking modes, developed by Wolf chefs, maximize the performance of your oven and create precisely the right cooking environment, no matter the dish. Modes include Bake, Broil (Grill), Convection, Convection Roast, Dehydrate, Gourmet, Proof, Roast, Stone, and Warm.

Temperature Probe

The included temperature probe alerts you when your dish has reached the desired temperature for worry-free cooking and predictably delicious results.

Reliability and Warranty

Backed by an industry-leading warranty, Wolf appliances are built and tested to last for at least 20 years of daily use, equipping cooks with the confidence to create memorable meals for decades

Sleek Look. Professional Performance

Wolf’s new induction range delivers speed and control that may be beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. The cooktop boils water faster than gas or electricity, with almost instantaneous temperature response. It also has the steady low-end control to simmer sauces and melt fine chocolate without scorching. The Dual VertiFlow™ convection system ensures uniform heat throughout the oven. Save time by baking multiple racks of cookies or an entrée with sides. 

Reliably Even Heat

We believe that 190° should be 190° everywhere. Most ovens can’t deliver; they have hot and cool spots that can make cooking or baking a hit-or-miss proposition. Wolf dual fuel ranges are dramatically different, with their advanced Dual VertiFlow™ convection system. Fans and heating elements control heat and airflow more precisely than less sophisticated single-convection systems. More uniform heat throughout the oven and across all racks, and the efficiency of circulating air around the food, produce faster, more consistent, more predictably delicious results for your baking, roasting, and broiling. 

Ultra-efficient And Simple To Clean

The scratch-resistant, ceramic glass induction cooking surface proves consistent and precise across the temperature spectrum, achieving powerful boils and gentle melts with uniform mastery. With lightning-fast temperature adjustment, liquids go from searing-hot highs to ultra-finessed lows in mere moments – with uniform mastery and responding 40% faster than gas or electric. Plus, the smooth glass surface is simple to clean.

Why Wolf?

Heat Quickly, Cook Evenly

The Dual Fuel Range convection electric oven features the pinnacle of dual convection technology: Wolf’s Dual VertiFlow™ convection system. It is the key to consistent, reliable results and remarkable flavor development, even when using multiple racks at once

Cooking Made Easy

Like autopilot for your oven, Gourmet Mode is the future of cooking technology. It automatically controls the cooking process of over 50 chef-tested presets, ensuring simplified, delicious results every time.

125 L


76 Cm Transitional Induction Range

155 L


91 Cm Transitional Induction Range

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