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From sleek, modern simplicity to bold, professional gravitas, Wolf has the look for your taste. Choose from dozens of sizes, styles, and technologies to precisely fit your cooking preferences.

Identical to the top of a Dual Fuel Range, a Wolf Sealed Burner Range top, is an irresistible invitation to cook delicious meals! Controlled by signature red knobs (or a choice of black or stainless),

Wolf range tops features our patented, dual-stacked burners — with up to 16 MJ of power, but still with the low-end finesse you need for delicate simmers and melts. It is the ideal companion for Wolf Built-In Ovens.

Choose from 91 cm and 122 cm sizes and four configurations that include infrared teppanyaki (griddle), infrared chargrill, dual-stacked, sealed burners, and wok burner.

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Wolf Sealed Burner Gas Rangetops Quick Start

Wolf’s sealed burner range tops provide professional-level performance that takes the guesswork out of cooking. This quick start provides a product overview, basic steps to ensure the best results, and helpful tips for getting the most out of your appliance.

Wolf Sealed Burner Rangetop With Wok Burner - Quick Start

Wolf’s legendary performance meets the dynamic tradition of wok cooking – aptly handling the gamut of wok cooking techniques with equal precision, from searing highs of 10 kW to simmering lows of 1 kW. The sealed burner rangetop with two or four burners and wok burner harnesses Wolf’s legendary performance and applies it to the dynamic tradition of wok cooking. This quick start provides a product overview, outlines suggested tools and techniques, and provides information on cleaning and care.

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Beyond Breakfast With the Rangetop Teppanyaki (Griddle)

Certainly, you can fix eggs and pancakes on the teppanyaki (griddle) of the Wolf Dual Fuel Range. But how about lamb sliders and other dinner delicacies? Chef Coleman shows Wolf owners Holly and Carly how to use the teppanyaki (griddle) like it’s the most useful pan ever.

Dual-stacked Burners Let You Sear And Simmer Like A Pro

High power is easy. It’s the low end where most gas burners let you down. But the dual-stacked burners found on Wolf rangetops deliver at both the high and low end, as Chef Coleman demonstrates in “Absolute Control from Simmer to Sear.” Sauce warms low-and-slow, rice simmers without burning, fresh vegetables sauté crisply and colorfully, and salmon sears on high – all at the same time. You’ll feel absolute control – ready to take on any culinary challenge.

Power Plus Finesse Improves Results

Look closely at the gas burners on a Wolf dual fuel range, rangetop or cooktop. They’re called dual-stacked, sealed burners. See the two tiers of flame ports on each burner, one above the other? One delivers higher heat; the other comes on for lower heat settings. Turn it way up for high-MJ searing heat. Twist the knob the other way and you can instantly have the merest breath of flame for simmering without boiling and melting without scorching. And the continuum of control you have in between– it’s like nothing you’ve ever cooked with before.

Rangetop Configurations

Wolf rangetops come in two sizes and three configurations to suit your personal cooking style. In 91cm or 122 cm allows choices of more burners, teppanyaki and chargrill powered by infrared technology (the secret to superior heat distribution).

A Breeze To Clean

The “sealed” part of our dual-stacked, sealed burner design refers to the burners’ setting within a sealed drip pan. Flip vegetables, stir sauces and toss in the seasoning with confidence that any spills and sloshes stay right there for fast, easy cleanups.



91 Cm Sealed Burner Rangetop - 4 Burners And Infrared Teppanyaki



122 Cm Sealed Burner Rangetop - 4 Burners, Infrared Chargrill And Infrared Teppanyaki



122 Cm Sealed Burner Rangetop - 6 Burners And Infrared Teppanyaki



91 Cm Sealed Burner Rangetop - 2 Burners And Wok



122 Cm Sealed Burner Rangetop - 4 Burners And Wok

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