38 cm Transitional Multifunction Module








38 cm Transitional Multifunction Module

Multifunction Cooktop – High-output 8 Kw Burner Producing Powerful Flame For Hot Stir-frying And Fast Boiling.

What Your Wok Has Been Wishing For

It’s a thing of beauty – especially if your specialty is stir frying. The burner of the Wolf 38 cm multifunction module sculpts the flame into a plume, focusing heat in the center of the wok, then dispersing it outward for precisely controlled cooking. The sirloin sizzles, the shitake mushrooms soften and gleam, the leeks begin to brown. Instead of steaming to wimpy limpness, your ingredients quick-cook to caramelized crispness. You’ve hit another culinary home run.

Of course, our multifunction module has many other capabilities too – just add the center ring to change from wok grate to standard grate that accommodates up to a 350 mm stock pot. Powerful burners provide incredible control, from 24 MJ highs for restaurant-quality sears to reliable lows for simmers. A deep seamless burner pan makes clean-up easy. Best of all, it’s just one of six Wolf modules that bring specialty cooking into your kitchen.


38 cm Transitional Multifunction Module


Illuminated Controls:
True Simmer Settings:
Individual Spark Ignition:
Sealed burners:
Flame recognition:
Automatic Re-ignition:
Low-Profile Continuous Grates:
Seamless Design:


Overall Dimensions :
381 W x 127 H x 533 D mm
Burner – Large (KW):
Electrical Load :
0.3 amp
Frequency (Hz):
Shipping Weight:
14 kg


38 cm Transitional Multifunction Module

Rigorously Tested To Ensure Dependability
Each and every Wolf appliance is rigorously stress-tested to perform for over twenty years of daily use and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.
High-output 24 Mj Burner
Just what your wok has been wishing for: concentrates its flame in exactly the right spot for quick, delicious stir frying – or quick boiling.
Innovative "Two In One" Grate
With center ring in place, it functions as a standard grate. Remove the center ring, and it allows you to drop the wok pan closer to the flame, for the high heat you need for crisp, delicious quick cooking.
Stylish Controls
Stainless control knob capped in black is set against an all-glass control panel. LED-backlit indicator lights appear only as the control is engaged, giving the panel a clean look.
Exceptional Customer Support
Whether you're shopping for appliances or have questions about those you already own, the Sub-Zero and Wolf Customer Care team has a reputation for service that’s as exceptional as its products.
Spark Ignition System
Burner has a sensor that detects if the flame has gone out while you're cooking and automatically re-ignites it.
Seamless Burner Pan For Easy Clean-up
Just use a clean cloth or sponge, warm water and mild detergent. No seams to collect food debris.
Create A Custom Cooking Array
Integrated design and slim 38 cm width lets you use it à la carte with other modules for a custom cooking array. Wolf modules have a streamlined control layout and frame – to seamlessly pair with one another.


  • Rigorously tested for decades of use
  • High-output 24 MJ burner sculpts its flame for perfect stir frying
  • Automatic re-ignition system
  • Innovative “two in one” grate for standard or wok cooking
  • Seamless burner pan for easy clean-up
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Integrated design, slim 38 cm width pairs well with other Wolf modules


38 cm Transitional Multifunction Module

Filler Strip


38 cm Transitional Multifunction Module


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