76 Cm M Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven








125 L


76 Cm M Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven

Cook Exactly The Meals You Have In Mind

Is there a signature dish you’ve never quite dared to prepare? spinach soufflé? Now is your time, with the new Wolf 76 cm M series built-in single oven. It takes the guesswork out of even the most difficult dishes. Just dial in any of 10 precision cooking modes, and the oven delivers the optimal heat and airflow for the dish. No hot or cold spots to spoil your results. Just beautifully browned roast chicken, perfect chocolate chip cookies, crisply crusted casserole. You’re in culinary heaven.

The Dual VertiFlow™ system is our most advanced dual convection ever, quickly saturating the oven cavity with consistent heat across all racks. The cooking modes are precise, intuitive, to ensure that the meal you bring to the table is every bit as delicious as the meal you had in mind. A Gourmet feature has a menu of presets that automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy. There’s even more usable interior space. With the M Series oven, you can put beef Wellington back on the menu.


76 Cm M Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven


Heating Elements :
Handle Type:
Cooking Modes:
Temperature Range:
30–285 °C
Interactive Color Touchscreen:
Self-Cleaning (Pyrolitic):
Standard Oven Racks:
Full Extension Ball Bearing Rack:
Multifunction Pan:
Temperature Probe:
Oven Grill (Broil):


Overall Dimensions :
759 W x 724 H x 584 D mm
Oven 1 Interior Dimensions:
641 W x 448 H x 506 D mm
Door Clearance:
543 mm
Overall Capacity:
144 liters
Usable Capacity:
125 liters
Electrical Load (KW):
4.2 - 4.8
Electrical Load 3-Phase (KW):
3 - 3.6
50/60 Hz
Shipping Weight:
124 kg


76 Cm M Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven

Dual Vertiflow Convection For Consistent Heat Across All Racks
No need to adjust racks or rotate pans - the advanced dual convection system delivers the most consistent cooking ever. Fans and heating elements work in concert to provide just the right heat and airflow for any dish. Expect faster preheating through improved heat saturation and distribution, for delicious results sooner than you thought.
Color Touchscreen Controls
A color touch screen makes controlling basic oven functions as easy as ever, while providing advanced control that standard button interfaces can't - for instance, choosing from a library of presets in Gourmet mode.
Easily Monitor Progress Inside
Large, triple-pane glass windows and three bright halogen lights give you a clear view of your dish without having to open the door and disturb the cooking process.
10 Cooking Modes For Predictably Delicious Results
Precisely control heat and airflow, providing just the right cooking environment for everything from braised short ribs to empanadas to classic chocolate chip cookies. 10 modes are Convection, Bake, Roast, Grill, Convection Roast, Gourmet, Proof, Warm, Dehydrate and Stone.
Gourmet Feature For Foolproof Meals
With Gourmet, a menu of almost 50 presets automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy, from pork tenderloin to lasagna to double-crusted cherry pie. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode, even adjusts temperature on its own. You just sit back and wait for a perfectly prepared dish.
Standard Or Flush Inset Installation
M series ovens can be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry to complement an overall integrated kitchen design.
Largest Capacity Ever
At 144 Litres, it's the most spacious Wolf built-in oven, with a curved back wall for increased capacity and better air flow, able to accommodate multiple dishes at the same time.


  • Advanced Dual VertiFlow convection system for faster preheats and consistent cooking across all racks
  • Gourmet feature has menu of presets that automatically controls cooking of popular meals
  • Interactive color touchscreen for advanced cooking control
  • Can be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry for integrated look
  • Enhanced interior views with triple-pane glass and three halogen lights
  • 144 L capacity to handle multiple dishes at once
  • 10 cooking modes for predictably delicious results (Convection, Roast, Bake, Grill, Convection Roast, Stone, Gourmet, Warm, Proof and Dehydrate)


76 Cm M Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven

Bake stone kit
Dehydration rack set


76 Cm M Series Transitional Built-in Single Oven


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