Luxury Kitchens in India

Modern luxury kitchen with marble walls, a large island with a black granite countertop, high-end Wolf cooking appliances, and a SubZero refrigerator.

Introducing the Legends Redefining Luxury Kitchens in India

For over 75 years, Sub-Zero and Wolf have etched their names in luxury histories, pioneering high-performance cooking suites and refrigeration systems setting new bars for freshness preservation unrivalled to this day.

Their trailblazing integrated built-in refrigeration systems and striking freestanding ranges promise to rewrite longstanding lifestyle conventions – spurring creative usage of space through flexible built-in configurations while empowering home chefs to unlock entirely new techniques for regional dishes through professional-calibre equipment.


Unrivalled Freshness Preservation: Sub-Zero Refrigeration

Sub-Zero has introduced models across their premium built-in refrigerator suites with new features artfully combining style and intelligent functionality. The Classic series maintains signature distinguishing elements like the iconic louvered grille while integrating innovations internally for optimal food preservation. These include a NASA-inspired air purification system to scrub ethylene gas and odor molecules, along with more responsive variable speed compressor and fans meticulously regulating temperatures. Models conceal these advancements behind stunning stainless exteriors and conveniently accessible touch control panels.

Meanwhile, Sub-Zero’s integrated designer series continues to evolve, seamlessly blending into custom cabinetry through its discreet design. This innovative approach has earned them the distinction of creating “disappearing refrigerators”. Enhancements include spillproof nano coated glass shelving and regulated LED lighting schemes preventing shadowed corners internally enhancing visibility. Using supplied measurements, designer columns and undercounter freezer, refrigerator or wine models can incorporate into spaces as narrow as 46 cm up to 91 cm across.


Bespoke Performance Confidence: Wolf Range Suites

Serving as centerstage sit Wolf’s striking pro-ranges and wall ovens that offer unwavering performance.

Wolf’s 76cm M series contemporary handleless oven features advanced VertiFlow convection technology for very even cooking. It also has an automatic Gourmet Mode with over 50 chef-tested presets.

While the E series convection steam ovens utilize steam, dry heat convection, or both to prepare endless dishes from breads to meats.

With specialized modes walking through timed steps from marination to finish, Wolf cooking suites instil confidence even when attempting more complex regional dishes on day one.

The appliances discussed here are just a glimpse into their extensive range of innovative and sophisticated kitchen solutions. Explore our complete range of products and discover the perfect appliances to elevate your kitchen and culinary experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how these legends promise to shape the trajectories of luxury Indian kitchens for decades forward through unprecedented quality, customization and liberating performance advancements redefining regional cuisine possibilities.

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